Based just outside Nenagh in the lovely village of the Silvermines the Healing Hypnotherapist offers you the opportunity to take time out, change your mindset and heal all that needs healing.
Here you have three different modalities to choose from depending on what ails you.​

Hypnotherapy is the 2nd most researched therapy available today
Hypnotherapy is a way of empowering you to be the person you want to be.
Hypnosis is the bypassing of the critical factor of the mind. The critical factor accepts everything at face value but when the critical factor goes to sleep through hypnosis, we can open your mind to see the things in ordinary everyday life that you cannot always see.  Click here for more information

Reiki is a non- intrusive complementary therapy. It is a hands on healing technique which enhances the body’s own ability to heal itself on all levels by clearing and healing the energy pathways, allowing the life force to flow in a healthy natural way.​ 

Usui training is also available from level 1 to Master Teacher level   Click here for more information

Shamanic Healing is best described as the balancing of energies both within and outside the body by removing what should not be inside and returning what should be inside. This is done with the aid of spirit helpers and guides